With EIGHTSHOT we want to bring the joy and fascination of cycling closer to as many teenagers as possible. That's why we decided in 2017 to finally build the bikes that we would have liked to ride as children.

Our brand EIGHTSHOT stands for the symbiosis of sensible lightweight construction and unrestricted usability in off-road areas. We offer sporty, technically and ergonomically thought out in detail youth bikes in an adult design. Special attention in the development of our bikes is paid to the special needs of our riders, the approx. 5 to approx. 14 years old.

We have our own testing facilities and technology. This enables us to monitor our production in a targeted manner and to ensure the quality we require at all times.

In comprehensive analyses we determine the special operating loads that affect children's bicycles in real use. Based on the determined load, our own test rooms are created in which we regularly test our components and vehicles beyond the required standards.

This sets us apart from other children's bike manufacturers and focuses our development on what makes a good children's bike in reality: it's not just the low total weight that counts, but the optimal ratio of weight, strength and the use of child-friendly components.